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Personal reading- $111 per session- All sessions are presented with ZOOM and are recorded.  I email the recording after the session

The session is where I review your date of birth and your first name.  Both carry a distinct energy that will open your eyes to the life you have been living and wake you up to the Master that you are.  I will identify patterns in your life and get you on course.  This is where we discuss the best profession you are “wired” for and the type of relationships you attract.  I never know what Spirit will give me while I’m working your numbers and (to be honest) sometimes the message does not make sense to me, but it will to you. The price is $111 for 60 mins

Personal Year – Every year carries a specific energy from 1 – 9.  Based on your date of birth, the energy of the current year you are in will help you navigate decisions in your life.  For instance, a 7 year carries the energy of reflection.  Typically during a personal year of 7 you are more withdrawn and keep your distance.  Where in a 3 year you want to go to every concert, party and socialize.  There are energies that support new beginnings, endings and resolutions.  Knowing what Personal Year you are in will ease any struggles or doubt you are experiencing.  

Pinnacles – Pinnacles demonstrate the energy of four (9) year cycles.  For example, in your 20’s you may be hard driven to move forward and accomplish goals in your life and then suddenly in you 30’s when you reached those goals, they do not hold the same reward for you.  You may find that you moved into a more domestic energy and suddenly want to start a family or take care of loved ones.  Many people say, “I’m not that person anymore.”  In reality, they truly are not! Every (9) years you evolve into another version of yourself.  It’s beneficial to identify who you are currently, who you were and where you are going.  

If a day/time is not open, please reach out to me here to schedule a time outside of the availability.  

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home party-

Bachelorette parties are fun! The hostess will receive a FREE one hour reading.  To book a party, please contact me for pricing and availability. If the hostess lives too far for me to travel, the session is hosted via ZOOM.  The hostess will be asked to log in and then each guest will take their turn with me one-on-one for a private reading.  

I spend 15-20 minutes explaining what to expect during a reading, then I offer 20 minute readings for everyone who attends.  In 20 minutes I can only offer “highlights” of individual’s energy, but I have found that intuitively I explain what they needed to hear in that moment.  The guests are always satisfied and excited! 

House parties are offered on Friday and Saturday. If the time needs to be modified click here to contact me directly.

seminar/ workshop- prices and availability vary

I absolutely LOVE being invited to conduct a seminar or workshop.  The energy is very lively and you just never know what is going to come through.  I have a presentation that I offer with topics that will take the audience down the rabbit hole only to find that by the end of the seminar or workshop the audience has a new perspective of the world around them.  I explain several facets of how numbers and energy/vibration/frequency are tied together that leave the audience asking for more.   If you would like me to speak at your shop or convention, please reach out to me.

Payments are non-refundable, appointment will be rescheduled at your convince