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Every person on the planet is born with a unique “blueprint.” My approach to numerology is to “decode” your birthday and name by showing you how your “energy” is wired. When you physically see how your energy flows, you will be able to move forward in your life with ease. Have you ever wondered why you repeat patterns in your life: attract the same type of patterns that make you miserable; have great vision and ideas but have difficulty manifesting your desires; feel like you are always struggling or feel “stuck” in your life; have difficulty communicating with a family member, coworker or friend?

I will draw out your blueprint and talk you through the energy that surrounds and inspires you.

Your name also carries unique energy that many times will fill in the energy that is missing from your birthdate.

When we are finished, you will view yourself completely differently and will be able to move forward with inspiration and excitement. I invite you to rediscover the true essence of who you are and embrace your greatness as I Decode your Energy Blueprint.

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You are energy

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