You Are Energy

Everything in the universe vibrates. Frequency is nothing more than a band of energy. Energy moves fast and energy moves slow. The rate at which energy moves determines the appearance of the energy. It is very important that I digress momentarily to explain that I am the last person on the planet to understand and demonstrate science or physics. However it is with great simplicity that I explain to you the theory of everything that you are. You are energy.
For instance, a single drop of water in its slowest vibration becomes an ice cube. The same drop of water in its highest vibration becomes steam. Is it magic or science? Whichever perspective you choose, you cannot disprove nor deny that the same drop of water can change its appearance by changing the frequency in which it vibrates. Not wrapping your head around this? Let me try again. When looking at a floor fan or ceiling fan that is not turned on you can clearly see the solid blades. You cannot see through these blades because they are solid. However when the fan is turned on and begins to oscillate faster and faster, the blades virtually disappear before your very eyes. The blades did not actually disappear. The vibration of the blades changed the frequency in which they exist. Once you slow the frequency of the blades spinning, you can begin to see them in a solid form again. Now that I have your attention, you can begin to follow more intently. Everything that exists is energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Everything in your environment exists at a frequency that is solid, liquid or gas. Energy is both seen and unseen. Wi-fi and radio waves are not seen but without them your smartphone would not operate. How does this correlate to numbers you ask? Each number represents an energy frequency. A number is nothing more than a symbol that represents an energy. Numbers are a language. Once you learn how to understand the language of numerology, you will view the world around you differently. My intent is to demonstrate for you the importance of interpreting and understanding how you are “wired” by your date of birth and your name. Once you can see the physical energy of how you are wired, you will better understand the challenges, obstacles and recurring patterns in your life. Have you ever wondered why everything one person touches turns to mud while others glide through life effortlessly? Understanding how your personal and unique energy moves will help you to better navigate your life and move out of periods where you feel stuck. Get ready to embark on a magical and eye opening journey. Your whole life is finally going to make sense!


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