I have read many books on numerology. This is not another book that is going to tell you all the characteristics of a Life Path 7 or what your Soul Number or Destiny Number is. If that is what you seek, then I will refer you to authors who have expended time and energy into itemizing these characteristics for you. Most numerology books begin by offering the father of numerology, Pythagoras. Sorry but I’m not going there. I believe in evolution. We no longer live in caves. We have evolved into dwellings and structures that offer indoor plumbing, electricity and climate control with heat and air conditioning. Numerology has also evolved. There is so much more to numerology than a list of meanings for each number. I cannot stress enough that numbers represent energy. Energy moves in patterns. Understanding numbers and the energy they represent is how you are going to find clarity, momentum and answers in your life. First I will cover the basics. There are only 9 numbers in existence. Zero is not a number however the symbol that represent zero is a circle (no beginning, no end). Zero is all that is, was and ever will be. The life force energy that we refer to as Spirit, God, the Universe, etc. is also represented by this symbol. Once this life force energy moves into the physical world it is represented in numbers 1 through 9. Therefore, the energy of all that is (zero) begins to take

The symbol that represents the number one is a single line. It stretches from top to bottom. It is linear and erect. It is in direct alignment descending from heaven to earth. The first symbol for energy that moved from a non-physical form to a physical form in a bold stroke. Boom, there it is! Is it a coincidence that the number one and the capital letter “I” are the same? God is the “I AM THAT I AM” and the first number to take physical form is the number (1). The symbol that represents the number two is curved. Much like taking a circle and dividing it, the top part of the number (2) depicts the first half of the zero then splits. The two energy represents duality. Once energy manifested into its existence in the number (1), it then split and evolved to experience polarity. Two beautifully demonstrates the duality and polarity of the energy in our world. Up and down, black and white, man and woman, good and bad, etc. Energy evolved from singular to duality. When the energy of (1) commingles with the energy of (2), it creates a new energy entirely as the number (3). Some text explain that man plus woman equals child. The energy of the number (3) is “created.” Therefore, the energy associated with the number (3) is manifestation. The number three begins in the center, then loops out and comes back to the center, then loops out and comes back to the center again. The energy of the (3) has three points
that come back to the center. Like a boom-a-rang, the energy goes out and comes back into itself. There are no hard edges to the symbol for the number (3). The three energy likes to move and draw energy into itself. The energy of the number four is very stable. The symbol for this energy is depicted with straight lines and hard edges. The number (4) energy is very physical and distinct. This energy does not compromise. It is the energy of foundation and all that builds upon the foundation. When we look at the symbol that represents the energy of the number five, we see that it goes in many different directions. The number (5) encompasses both straight lines and curves. The energy of this symbol cannot be held to conform to any one particular shape or direction. It is everywhere at the same time. What I love about the symbol that represents the number six is how it loops into itself. The energy of this number clearly depicts love. Not just romantic love but the love of the universe. The energy wraps itself around as if it is hugging itself. The number (6) is a beautiful reminder that the universe loves and supports us and that we are never alone. The symbol for the seven energy is careful to identify that energy is gathered. It looks like a body with an outstretched arm keeping unwanted energy at a safe distance. Yet at the same time it comes to a sharp corner in which energy can be gathered and stored when needed. I find the (7) energy is very quirky and complicated, however we will delve into more specifics later in the book. The eight energy is often depicted as the energy of “as above, so below.” The symbol of this ever moving energy is not one but two circles. Many explain this never ending energy as the symbol of infinity. If you lay the number (8) on its side, it becomes the symbol of infinity. I was looking at the painting of Michelangelo and the Sistine chapel when I saw this energy represented where the finger of God almost touches the mortal’s finger. Finally we have the symbol for the nine energy. The (9) energy, also referred to as the God Code, literally demonstrates you and the universe. This energy starts with a small circle and loops outward surrounding itself. This number encompasses the energy of all the numbers and therefore is all knowing. It represents that you are the center of your universe. It is also represented in nature over and over as the Fibonacci spiral. In in the womb, the fetus position replicates this spiral. We will discuss the God Code later in this book. Now that you have a basic understanding of the symbol for each number demonstrating how energy moves for each number, you can appreciate that you have a unique energy pattern that is comprised of the date you entered your physical form from the non-physical world.


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